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  • -34%Limited
    Ant Esports Wente 220 RGB Microphone
    wente 220 rgb image 2 600x600 1
    Ant Esports Wente 220 RGB Microphone 1,979.00
    • Plug and Play – Using a USB connection the mic simply plugs and plays and does not require any special drivers making it versatile audio equipment for all your needs be it on a PC, Mac, or even a PS4.
    • Touch Mute System – The Wente 220 has RGB lighting and a built-in touch mute sensor. Use the convenient touch mute button on top to easily mute and unmute during your sessions for professional audio delivery. If the blue light, the microphone is active, if the red light, the microphone is muted.
    • Cardioid Polar Pattern – With its cardioid polar pattern the mic captures clear, smooth, and crisp sound in front of the microphone and suppresses unwanted background noise, making it hassle-free to reduce noise without the need for any extra software.
    • Zero Latency Monitoring – Having a 3.5mm jack at the bottom for headphones, it’s seamlessly possible to monitor real-time lag-free audio making it perfect for live streams, podcasts, and voice-overs.
    • Noise Reduction Functionality – Simply press and hold the “Mute” button for two seconds and the noise reduction function turns on. The noise reduction switch is suitable for filtering noise in a noisy environment, reducing current noise and high fidelity output for keeping pesky background noise out of your videos.
  • -19%Limited
    Audio technica AT9903
    Audio technica AT9903
    Audio Technica AT9903 Subminiature Mono Lavalier Electric Condenser Microphone 5,499.00
    • High-quality miniature microphone
    •  Dual power supply plug-in-power system / LR44 batteries
    •  Comes with a PC 3-prong plug
    •  Metal body is stylish and robust whilst reducing external noise
    •  Includes windscreen
  • -25%Limited
    Audio Technica AT9913iS
    Audio Technica AT9913iS
    Audio Technica AT9913iS Compact Plug-in Mic. for Smartphone 5,789.00
    • Line gradient shot-gun Microphone is convenient for recording speech, meeting record, school lecture and etc by user’s smartphone
    • No separate battery power is needed. The power is supplied by plug-in power*1 from user’s smartphone
    • There is a Ø3.5 mm stereo mini jack for connecting to earphones or headphones, so user can monitor the sound immediately after recording
    • The pivot-floating-structure can reduce the unnecessary vibration or the ambient noise when recording
    • The free-angle-mechanism can adjust the angle-tune, easily, smoothly, and freely
    • The windscreen allows user to use the microphone outside and minimize the noise
  • -25%Limited
    Audio technica AT9947CM
    Audio Technica AT9947CM Mono Shotgun Microphone for DSLR Camera 7,799.00
    • Compact size monaural shotgun microphone
    • Extremely narrow polar pattern for focused recording
    • Newly developed shock-mount to reduce the sound from lens movement or handling noise
    • Low-cut function (PAT.) reduces unwanted wind noise or vibration noise
    • Wind-muff attachment with well-picked material also reduces wind noise
    • Light and compact body for long time use comfort
    • Connecting to accessory shoe for general versatility
  • -29%Limited
    Audio Technica ATM-650
    Audio Technica ATM-650 Artist Series Hypercardioid Dynamic Instrument Microphone 9,560.00
    • Audio Technica ATM-650 Hypercardioid polar pattern reduces pickup of sounds from the sides and rear, improving isolation of desired sound source
    • Durable performance for professional applications
    • Special dual-wall floating construction reduces handling noise and assures consistent performance from mic to mic
    • Hi-ENERGY® neodymium magnet for improved output and transient response
  • -24%Limited
    Audio Technica ATM350A
    Audio Technica ATM350A 26,599.00
    • Low-profile mic design for minimum visibility
    • Crisp, clear, well-balanced microphone response, even at high SPLs
    • Cardioid polar pattern reduces pickup of sounds from the sides and rear, improving isolation of desired sound source
    • In-line power module is equipped with a switchable 80 Hz high-pass filter to control undesired ambient noise
    • Included violin mount with hook-and-loop fastener provides an additional mounting option
  • -29%Limited
    Audio Technica ATR1300x
  • -27%Limited
    Audio technica ATR3350XiS
    Audio technica ATR3350XiS
    Audio Technica ATR3350XiS Omnidirectional Condenser Lavalier Microphone for Smartphones 3,079.00
    • Designed for Voice Reproduction
    • Low-Profile Design
    • 3.5mm Dual-Mono Output
    • iOS/Android Smartphone Adapter
    • Includes Tie Clip & Foam Windscreen
    • Includes Battery
  • -29%Limited
    Audio Technica Atr35cw Omnidirectional Condenser Lavalier Microphone 2,195.00
    • Newscaster-style miniature mic is perfect for video use
    • Ideal for aerobics / dance / sports instructors
    • 55″ (1.4 m), terminated for use with Audio-Technica wireless transmitter
    • Omni pickup pattern offers full coverage
    • Includes tie clip, battery, foam windscreen
  • -26%Limited
    Audio Technica ATR6550X
    Audio Technica ATR6550X
    Audio Technica ATR6550X Condenser Shotgun Microphone 6,299.00
    • Designed for Video Cameras
    • Cardioid & Supercardioid Polar Patterns
    • 70 Hz to 18 kHz Frequency Response
    • Normal & Tele Modes
    • Includes Foam Windscreen
    • Camera Mount
    • Microphone Stand Clamp
    • Includes AA Battery
  • -13%Limited
    Audio Technica ATW 1701 Wireless microphone
    Audio Technica ATW 1701 Wireless microphone
    Audio Technica ATW 1701 Wireless Microphone 46,099.00
    • Plug & Record Set for DIY Videographer
    • MT830cW Omnidirectional Lavalier Mic
    • Bodypack Transmitter
    • Triple-Diversity Camera-Mount Receiver
    • Protected Peer-to-Peer Connection
    • Easy to Use, Flexible Operation
    • Balanced Output & Headphone Output
    • 7-Hr Batteries + USB Power
    • Up to 8 Mics on Set / 100′ Range
  • -29%Limited
    Audio Technica ATW-13F Handheld Transmitter
    Audio Technica ATW-13F Handheld Transmitter 17,700.00
    • With a 2 x 4 channel frequency plan for enhanced flexibility, sturdy but stylish build quality and a simple user interface, AT-One is ready to become your perfect wireless companion
    • AT-One is designed with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind
    • Equipped with a practical carrying case, rack-mount kit and detachable antennae, AT-One is the perfect balance of price and performance, ideal for those looking for accurate, reliable performance at an entry level price
    • The AT-One’s frequency plan is divided into two groups with 4 available channels in each group split between the Europe wide license free frequency range and the LTE duplex gap. Users can choose up to 4 channels within one group
  • -19%Limited
    Audio technica BP4029
    Audio technica BP4029
    Audio Technica BP4029 Stereo Shotgun Microphone 75,599.00
    • For Video, Broadcast & Sound Designers
    • Switchable Low-Frequency Roll Off
    • M-S Mode and Left/Right Stereo Modes
    • Suitable for Camera Mounting
    • 5-Pin XLRF Cable to Two XLRM Connectors
    • RoHS Compliant
  • -15%Limited
    Audio Technica BP4071
    Audio Technica BP4071
    Audio Technica BP4071 Line and Gradient Condenser Microphone 93,999.00
    • Measures 15.5″ Long
    • High Directivity
    • Line + Gradient Polar Pattern
    • Switchable 80 Hz High Pass Filter
    • 10 dB Pad Switch
    • Works with +48V Phantom Power
  • -20%Limited
    Audio Technica BP4071L
    Audio Technica BP4071L
    Audio Technica BP4071L Line and Gradient Condenser Microphone 98,694.00
    • Measures 21″ Long
    • High Directivity
    • Line + Gradient Polar Pattern
    • Switchable 80Hz High Pass Filter
    • 10dB Pad Switch
    • +48V Phantom Powered
  • -19%Limited
    Audio Technica BP4073 Shotgun Microphone
    Audio Technica BP4073 Shotgun Microphone
    Audio Technica BP4073 Shotgun Microphone 77,699.00
    • For Indie Films, TV & Documentaries
    • Directivity Competitive with Long Mics
    • Phantom Powered
    • Selectable Low-Cut Filter & -10 dB Pad
    • Direct-Coupled Output for Clean Audio
    • Low-Noise Circuitry, High Maximum SPL
    • High Sensitivity Requires Less Gain
    • Gentle Presence Boost
    • Windscreen Reduces Wind Noise
    • Ultralightweight Housing
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