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  • Corsair Elgato Stream Deck Mini – 6 KEYS 9,500.00
    • Corsair Elgato Multi Actions: launch multiple actions simultaneously or sequentially – with one tap
    • 6 LCD keys: tap to switch scenes, launch media, adjust audio, and much more
    • Unlimited control: turn keys into folders to access unlimited actions
    • Fully customizable: personalize keys with custom icons and animated gifs or choose from hundreds of pre-selected
  • -21%Limited
    cam link 4k image main 600x600 1
    Elgato Cam Link 4K 10,699.00
    • Easily connect your DSLR, camcorder, or action Cam to your PC or Mac
    • Go live on any platform in no time thanks to ultra-low-latency technology
    • Broadcast in stunning quality up to 1080P60 or 4K at 30 FPS
  • Elgato HD60 PRO Game Capture 18,750.00
    • Stream and record your Xbox, PlayStation, or Wii U gameplay
    • Stunning 1080p quality with 60 fps
    • Built-in live streaming to Twitch, YouTube and more
    • Instant Gameview: stream with superior low latency technology
    • Stream Command: add webcam, overlays, and more
  • -58%Limited
    HD60 X 1
    HD60 X 2
    Elgato HD60 X External Capture Card 16,999.00
    • Premium Capture, Powerful Passthrough: Stunning 4K30 HDR10 or 1080p60 HDR10 quality, 4K60 HDR10, 1440p120, 1080p120, VRR passthrough.
    • Plug and Play: Driverless setup on Windows and Mac.
    • Use Any App, Stream to any Platform: OBS, Streamlabs, Vmix, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Stream to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook Gaming and more.
    • Ultra-low Latency: Sub 100ms for seamless audio/video syncing.
    • No Limitations: Zero watermarks, time limits or subscriptions

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  • -28%Limited
    Elgato Key light Air 1
    Elgato Key light Air 2
    Elgato Key Light Air Desk light for Streaming 13,600.00
    • Wi-Fi Enabled: switch on/off and fine-tune light settings via the app on Mac/Windows/iPhone/Android.
    • 1400 Lumens: effectively illuminate your workspace and dim to a subtle glow.
    • 2900 – 7000 K: adjust color temperature from sunset amber to arctic blue.
    • 80 Premium OSRAM LEDs: deliver constant intensity while keeping cool.
    • Edge-Lit: indirect illumination guarantees comfort for hours.
  • -40%Limited
    stream deck 2 600x600 1
    Elgato STREAM DECK – 15 Keys 13,999.00
    • 15 LCD keys: tap to switch scenes, launch media, adjust audio and more
    • Fully customizable: personalize keys with custom icons or choose from hundreds
    • Direct integration: control Game Capture, OBS, XSplit, TipeeeStream, Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, and more
  • -29%Limited
    Elgato Stream Deck +
    Elgato Stream Deck + White 19,499.00
    • 8 Customizable LCD Keys: Trigger unlimited actions in your favorite apps with vibrant 120×480 resolution displays.
    • Touch Strip & Dial: Scroll, adjust, and activate with intuitive touch controls and a multi-function dial.
    • 16.8M ARGB Lighting: Personalize your setup with stunning customizable lighting effects.
    • Seamless Integrations: Control OBS Studio, XSplit, Streamlabs, Twitch, YouTube, and more with dedicated buttons and plugins.
    • USB-C 3.2 Gen 2: Connect with lightning-fast speed for instant response.
    • Elgato Stream Deck Software: Customize your keys, set up macros, and manage plugins with ease.
    • Windows & macOS Compatibility: Unleash your creativity on your preferred platform (Windows 10/11, macOS 10.15+).
  • -56%Limited
    stream deck xl image 01 600x600 1
    stream deck xl image main 600x60 1
    Elgato Stream Deck XL 22,199.00
    • 32 x customizable LCD keys
    • USB 3.0
    • launch unlimited actions with a tap
    • Key Creator
    • non-slip magnetic stand
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